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A revolutionized workspace that advocates free-thinking and networking for all things start-up/budding entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

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What is the Hatch Ideology?

Marking the closure of a 3 decade stagnation of development in Sri Lanka and an influx of fresh graduates – a generation of educated, aspiring and passionate individuals – who had immense potential and intellectual capacity surfaced. Sadly, this generation was unable to access capital, services and mentors to steer in this journey they mapped out for themselves. With financial institutions considering them as a high-risk factor and refusing to provide monetary capital alongside corporates offering financial and non-financial aid at only substantial costs, their promising future took a stand still.

To add to that, we witnessed an enormous gap between the entrepreneurial startup community in Sri Lanka and Silicon Valley, USA. Although Sri Lanka has progressed from eons ago, people were unduly competitive and unwilling to nurture and support each other’s visions for success. The country’s startup culture was driven by a false belief that their success is dependent on another’s failure. Given this landscape that led to a misguided belief system, we understood that, we had to steer them in the right direction, towards collective progression.

Keeping this in mind, we shifted our thinking to create a better ecosystem for startups, not only to have a coworking space but to nurture an environment that supports growth, collaboratively, at all times.

The Pioneers Behind Hatch

The Hatch ideology came about thanks to two like-minded individuals Jeevan Gnanam and Nathan Sivagananathan who continued their journey in advocating the need for angel investors and entrepreneurial growth in the country and shared the same passion to contribute towards this resilient economy. With Jeevan’s successful establishment of Orion City identified as the first operational IT Park, he never failed to acknowledge the dire support startups needed. Similarly, Nathan worked closely with the Young Leaders Ceylon Chamber of Commerce to identify innovative approaches to create an ecosystem that supported entrepreneurs. With his extensive journey that took him to the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship (EF), which essentially brings together innovative global leaders committed to making a positive impact in society, he was fortunate to meet inspiring leaders across the United States.

The increasing need for startup support, justifying this need and the dedication required to make it a reality led to both Jeevan and Nathan coming up with an abstract idea of a multi-faceted accelerator that would inspire and encourage an entrepreneurial community.

Jeevan Gnanam


Nathan Sivagananathan


A Futuristic Vision Converted into a Mission

Our vision wasn’t limited to simply providing a co-working space. Instead, we wanted to transform the business culture in Sri Lanka. We were focused on providing genuine opportunities for entrepreneurs to experiment ideas, acquire knowledge, share lessons and thrive successfully together, in a creative co-working space.

At the initial stages, we setup Crowdisland – a platform that connects startups with angel investors across the globe. This made it a whole lot easier to convert our vision to help address the need to identify different avenues for startup funding. Despite taking care of this challenge at hand, we were still on the lookout for a creative space to provide utility and resources for entrepreneurs.  As we delved deeper into conversations with other entrepreneurs, business leaders, acquaintances at forums and chamber of commerce events, we began to re-imagine a different space.

A space that encouraged budding entrepreneurs to INCUBATE, COLLABORATE and ACCELERATE.

What merely began as an ideology to create a co-working space for startups revolutionized into a creative space, that nurtured a community of like-minded entrepreneurs collaborating to accelerate each other’s progressive efforts, collectively.

A Collaborative Ecosystem to Achieve Collective Progression

Hatch was the first to go into a partnership with the entrepreneurial community in Jaffna by setting up Hatch Kalam which fills in the apt and timely need of a co-worker and a makerspace of its kind in Jaffna. Founded by Hatch Works, GIZ SME Sector Development Programme II and Yarl IT Hub with the shared vision of accelerating innovation, technology and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Northern Province through access to knowledge and networks.

At Hatch, not only do we provide entrepreneurs/startups with the right workspace environment. We also collaborate with a range of industries and partners who share the same passion to support entrepreneurs/startups to progress successfully towards their vision. These partnerships focus on helping reduce their risk of failures and to accelerate their business endeavors. With industry forerunners such as PWC, SLASSCOM, Lankan Angel Network, GIZ, CrowIsland alongside in-house legal services, we continuously strive to help entrepreneurs tread on a successful mission that merely began as a simple vision. Additionally, we provide incubator exchange programs beyond borders, including our latest partnership with the Toyen Startup Village. With two successful startup exchanges last year, we believe that it will continue to grow into something much more.

Are you a budding entrepreneur who is interested in working within a collaborative ecosystem to achieve collective progression?

Stay tuned for the full list of partnerships when we launch on the 24th of January 2019!