About Us

Our Vision

  • To create a platform that empowers the transformation of ideas into commercially viable companies
  • To be the centre of gravity for all things start-up
  • To nurture entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka
  • To provide a culture and eco-system to support entrepreneurial ventures
  • To develop a mentorship platform that acts as a support structure for our community
  • To provide training and help entrepreneurs succeed

What We Offer






Our Story

Hatch is the brainchild of two visionaries who saw the potential for exponentially growing the Sri Lankan GDP through creating a platform designed to improve and develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sri Lanka, thus contributing to the development of a resilient local economy. Understanding the shift towards an entrepreneurial mindset and low access to bank funding for young entrepreneurs, we wished to support entrepreneurship through networking.

Hatch is more than co-working spaces.

It is a supportive space where young entrepreneurs can meet and learn from others where the focus is on collaboration and support.

The Team

Jeevan Gnanam


Nathan Sivagananathan


Our Partners & Associates