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    HatchX, Sri Lanka’s first fintech startup accelerator program, launched virtually to help local fintech startups find success by offering them the necessary support to grow and expand their businesses beyond Sri Lanka.

    07 Fintech startups
    12 Speaker sessions
    40+ Partner / Customer / Mentor / Investor Intros
    40+ Pitch Coaching Sessions
    50+ 1:1 Business Advisory Sessions
    70+ 1:1 Program Check-ins

    The Kickass Bootcamp is about bringing like-minded women from different walks of life and at all ages and life stages, with a focus on broadening their knowledge and networks. We launched the KickAss Bootcamp in March 2021, and we had

    04 Series
    08 female mentors across 2 time zones
    52 mentoring hours
    43 founders benefitted across 10 industries

    Hatch Open house The Hatch Mentorship Program is an initiative to help the entrepreneurs and startups in Sri Lanka grow smarter and faster by getting guidance from business leaders and experts in their fields. We facilitate their growth by augmenting the existing tools and skills they have in order for them to overcome roadblocks efficiently and continue to be successful. Open House (Weekly) Hatch offers virtual one-on-one mentoring sessions on a weekly basis that connects start- up founders with experienced local and international mentors in diverse fields of business and verticals. Hatch Mentor Network was accessible to startups for a duration of 4 months. Keep an eye out on our Hatch social media sites for weekly features of our local and international mentors. Interested in one-one mentoring?

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