The Hatch way

Hatchworks figured out that Sri Lanka’s startup scene is small but feisty. We are blessed with some of the world’s top IT experts and out-of-the-box entrepreneurs, but we lacked a startup ecosystem for everyone to mix and grow.

Given this landscape, we understood that we had to steer in the right direction, towards collective progression.  Our vision wasn’t limited to simply providing a co-working space but to transform the business culture in Sri Lanka and provide the way for new innovations.

We were focused on providing genuine opportunities for entrepreneurs to experiment ideas, acquire knowledge, share lessons and thrive successfully together, in a creative co-working space.

Pioneers of hatch

hatch was founded on the basis of growth i.e. “to hatch”. Jeevan and Nathan are the founding visionaries in our story and rightfully so as their profiles are ideal to kick start this ecosystem. Together the duo founded CrowdIsland—a platform that connects Sri Lankan startups with angel investors across the globe. They were able to raise 114,250,000 LKR which funded more than 100 startups. With this incredible feat to motivate them, they realised their capacity to shape a sustainable future for the startup ecosystem.

Jeevan Gnanam

Jeevan Gnanam is a mentor and facilitator for entrepreneurial development for youth in Sri Lanka. He served as Chairman of SLASSCOM 2018 and initiated many projects to uplift the Sri Lankan startup ecosystem. He is also a founder member of the Lanka Angel Network, a Sri Lankan venture capital and mentorship and the Co-founder of CrowdIsland a crowdfunding platform for startups.

Nathan Sivagananathan

Nathan is a visionary business, philanthropic, and entrepreneurial leader having previously served for over 2 decades in a leading apparel tech company. A 2015 Eisenhower Fellow and 2018 Kauffman Fellow, Nathan has long been a supporter of local entrepreneurship and small businesses. He is also an active angel investor in the country as well as sits on various boards of leading listed corporates.

Brindha Selvadurai-Gnanam

Brindha as Co-Founder, Director of Creative and Sales at Hatch Works Pvt was largely involved in setting the culture and connecting the community with purpose, compassion and growth while also creating the inspirational spaces within it. In Brindha’s role as Creative Director, she was able to unleash her passion for design by overseeing the interior from concept to completion working alongside local architects, craftsman and young artists. Brindha has created an environment that remains agile and to continue to grow and adapt to suit the needs of our evolving community. She’s qualified as a Lawyer in the UK and she also actively works as a legal consultant for a Global Migration firm based in the UK

Meet the team

At hatch, we collect creators, big dreamers and oddballs and give them the freedom to work and play side-by-side. We want everyone to create, innovate, fail fast and learn. Meet the amazing people who make hatch what it is.

Randhula De Silva

Savan Perera

Tharaka Jayawardana

Udari Ranathunga

Razia Esufally
Mentor & Partnership

Amaar Adamaly

Zahra Careem

Tharaka Hettihamu

Our hatchers are motivated, inspired and determined more than ever to achieve what we were born to do. Among our ranks, we’ve adopted a smart, healthy, positive work-life balance that is contagious. We’re building a work culture that encourages failures that prompt epic come-backs and late-evening storytelling.

We’re here to unlearn, create magic and hustle hard.

Together we grow!

We’re spreading our ideology across Sri Lanka, and not just Colombo. Hatch Kalam is the Northern arm of Hatch Works, a co-working and entrepreneurial community in Jaffna. hatch was founded as a collaborative effort of Hatch Works, GIZ SME Sector Development Programme II and Yarl IT Hub with the shared vision of creating a startup ecosystem in the North

At hatch, we go beyond “just a coworking space”. We connect with industries and partners that share our passion to support entrepreneurs and startups to reduce their risk of failure and accelerate their business. We receive complimentary support from industry forerunners such as PWCSLASSCOM, Lankan Angel Network, GIZ, CrowdIsland alongside in-house legal services to carry out this mission.

We also carry out incubator exchange programs including our latest partnership with the Toyen Startup Village. With two successful startup exchanges under our belt from last year, we are confident that our efforts and vision will yield benefits for everyone involved and have a ripple effect on the community at large.

Connecting the North and the South is only the beginning of our journey. We’re ready to do so much more.