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    Meeting Rooms

    Hatch Meeting Rooms are designed for improving creativity and productivity. We have a varied range of meeting rooms with to suit different collaboration styles across our multiple locations for you to choose from. Most of the rooms have surfaces you can brainstorm on with including A/V equipment.

    Work Space

    As SAARC’s award winning co-working space for 2020, Hatch is more than just a workspace. While the spaces themselves are designed to global standards and really improve creativity, Hatch is blessed to be surrounded with the right people and culture to work with. We welcome you to come work in a space that is not only designed well and to improve your workflow but has heart and community at the center of it that will improve your productivity.

    Event Space

    Hatch has several event spaces ranging from auditoriums for large events to more intimate settings with a few people. Our event spaces are designed to help pitch, ideate, co-create, learn, grow your next idea or product. There are events happening every day at Hatch to help stimulate the community so whether it’s IOT, AI, Blockchain, Agri, etc. there is always something to learn from Hatch.

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